Keeogo Exoskeleton: Features & Benefits

The Keeogo exoskeleton is an ambulatory assistive and robotic rehabilitation device that is fitted to the patient’s lower body, and it is powered at the knee.

Utilising the latest computer-controlled orthosis technology, the Keeogo exoskeleton provides complementary force to the knee joint through a wide range of activities, which include:

  • Improve the stability and biomechanics of the knee joint
  • Reduce knee pain
  • Improve walking capacity
  • Decrease compensatory movement patterns
  • Improve balance measures



We Help Our Clients to Keep On Going..

It is so wonderful to see how our clients can getting back into their daily routine, with the help of an exoskeleton robotic therapy device like KEEOGO.

exoskeleton robotic rehabilitation

“I use to be in wheelchair and now I out of wheelchair and walking everywhere. I am very independent. I do everything by myself.”

Haneef Rasheed -Brain AVM

exoskeleton robotic rehabilitation

“I would never have thought of being able to walk after 17 years sitting in a wheeelchair.”

Johanne Landry- Multiple Sclerosis

exoskeleton robotic rehabilitation

“ I told them I want to run 10k race… In May 2017, I ran the 10k race in Ottawa with Keeogo.“

Martin Jarry: Inclusion Body Myositis


We know how frustrated it can be when you are at rock bottom, but do not give up because there are so many beautiful things in life for us to Keep On Going.


We have been helping many who have a problem just like JULIA to get back to their normal daily life with the help of our exoskeleton robotic therapy device (Keeogo).

exoskeleton robotic rehabilitation
exoskeleton robotic rehabilitation