• According to the Monitoring Stroke Burden in Malaysia study conducted in 2017, it was estimated that 150 out of 100,000 Malaysians suffered from stroke with an average daily hospitalization of 92 cases.
  • In also found that post stroke survivors were often suffered with multiple morbidities, with estimation of almost 7 out of 10 stroke survivors being activities of daily living (ADL)-dependent.
  • Impairment of mobility caused by stroke or others neurological disorders, affects the quality of life and made them inability to perform simple activities of daily living.
  • The trend of robotic rehabilitation an assistive technologies are growing robustly worldwide owing to the increasing incidences of limited mobility and also the shift towards an increased proportion of aging population.
  • We have multidiscipline and professional team working together in order to make your experience with Keeogo Robotic Training Centre is a Life Changing one.
  • Patients are supported by a dedicated team deliver an excellent level of care and right support during the journey of mobility recovery.


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